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CNC Machining

CNC Machining prototyping

CNC Machining prototyping

     CNC Machining is important process of rapid prototyping, the material of CNC machining prototyping is very close to the engineering material designed, it can get the better performance for your products, also it is better for simulate the mass production test. And there are no limited size for CNC machining prototyping processing method, for the big size prototype, we can split the parts need to process to several small pieces, and then bonding the small pieces after processing, the effect is very close to the overall processing. But these only limited ABS, PC ,PMMA three kinds material.


   Low Chinese labor cost, high quality prototype and service, Make your drawing to prototype with CNC machining in few days.  YOUDE believe we can help you to save money base on high quality CNC machining prototyping service.

Our CNC Machining prototyping working processes,

Received the drawing à drawing review and quoteà quotation and proposal submit à Technical communicationà drawing and order fixedà CAM program à CNC machining à inspection àhand polishing à process inspection à Surface treatment (painting)  à final inspectionà Packaging àdelivery.

Low Chinese labor cost,

Our factory is located in Shenzhen China, the average worker labor cost is about 7 USD/H, it is cheaper than USA and Europe more, lower labor cost is make our CNC machining prototyping cost low, so we can offer the competitive CNC machining prototype and services to you.

High quality CNC machining prototyping service

Quality is our culture, YOUDE Prototype is dedicate to CNC machining prototyping for 10 years, We have professional team to offer good technique support and high quality prototype and service to you.

Short lead time

After received your order, we will forward to finish it in short time, the normal lead time is about 3~7 days, more detail, we will offer the lead time according to the actual prototyping requirement.

Our CNC Machining prototyping Capacity
CNC machining equipment: more than 20 sets
CNC machining Size: 2000*1200*600mm
Machining Accuracy: 0.05
Machining sharp: customized
Preferred model Formats: x-t, .stp, .igs, .stl, Auto CAD, Pro/E, Unigraphics
Lead time: 3~7 day, according to the actual prototyping requirement

Materials Available

Metal: Aluminum, Aluminum 6061,SUS304,SUS316,Steel,Brass, Copper etc.

Surface Treatment:

 Paint, polish, silk-print, anodize, transparent surface, translucent surface, brush, rubber oil, electroplate.

Package and Shipping:

Package : White paper, soft foam or bubble plastic inside, then use a wooden box or paper carton for the out packing, safe package shipping with 3~5 days door to door.

 If you are interest CNC machining prototyping services and be suited for your project,  Our team is professional in each CNC machining process, and will help you make the best choice based on your unique project needs and timeline requirements, and will save the development cost and time.
please send a drawing, the quotation will be submitted within 24H.

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Case Studies

     Youde Prototype Co.,Ltd is a professional plastic cnc machining company and we are also one of the China plastic cnc machining prototyping manufacturers and suppliers with our brands, our factory is able to offer ABS prototype, pmma prototype, OEM rapid plastic prototype with high quality.

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